Talks and presentations

Careless Responses Using Response Time Data

June 25, 2020

Conference talk, 2020 IMPS Virtual Conference, Online

Using survey data from a high school sample, in this study, we explore item-level response times, and response sequence and styles using process and meta data, and build on previously recommended methods for detection of careless response behavior.

Bivariate Change-Point Analysis with Response Time and Accuracy

July 19, 2019

Conference talk, 2019 International Meeting of the Psychometric Society, New York, NY

In this study, we propose the application of change-point analysis through a hierarchical framework for responses and response times. By leveraging information from both item responses and response times, we demonstrate this application to a real dataset of assessment data.

Handling missing data on DIF detection under the MIMIC model

April 15, 2015

Conference talk, 2015 National Council of Measurement in Education, Washington, DC

This study employs a two-step procedure which selects an anchor set and assesses the items outside the anchor for DIF (M-IT/M-PA; Wang & Shih, 2010). Results show that accuracy rates in selecting an anchor with multiple imputation were generally higher than with full-information maximum likelihood.