Robust Estimation for Response Time Modeling

Published in (accepted) Journal of Educational Measurement, 2020

Undesirable response behavior, such as speeding and innatentive responding, have long plagued educational and psychological assessments. With the advances in response time modeling, the challenge of handling such responses must be addressed. In this article, we introduce a robust estimation approach for the respondent’s working speed under the log-normal model by down-weighting aberrant responses.

Relationship between item characteristics and detection of Differential Item Functioning under the MIMIC model

Published in Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling, 2019

In this study, we show that rates of success of identifying DIF items are higher when the anchor set is made up of highly discriminating items. We also show that DIF items are more easily detected if they have high discrimination and at least moderate difficulty (if using a correctly specified anchor). These findings reveal a relationship between item characteristics and DIF that have been previously ignored, which could lead test designers and DIF researchers to make erroneous recommendations about DIF detection.

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